Statement from NBWA President and CEO Craig Purser on the Passing of Jerry Steinman

Today, NBWA President and CEO Craig Purser released the following statement on the passing of his friend and colleague, Jerry Steinman: Jerry Steinman was the founder and longtime publisher of […]

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Associate Member Viewpoint: Does Your Vehicle Program Help or Hinder Your Adaptability?

By: Everlance As NBWA CEO and President Craig Purser highlighted at the 85th Annual Convention, “adaptability” and “flexibility” have been key themes for beer distributors in the past year. For […]

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Associate Member Viewpoint: Distributor Marketing and Innovation in the Attention Economy

Attention economics is based on the idea that each person’s conscious awareness is a finite commodity. And that makes sense. We only have so much time during the day. And our attention is consumed by hundreds of inputs. Phones, work, family, friends, emails, news, sporting events. Everything that enters our consciousness. This “attention scarcity” creates fierce competition so distributors and brands should prioritize advertising methods that garner the most consumer attention.

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Craig Purser and Laurie Knight make The Hill’s Top Lobbyists of 2022

For the seventh year in a row, NBWA President and CEO Craig Purser and Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Laurie Knight have been recognized by The Hill as two […]

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Associate Member Viewpoint: Retail Data and Insights Unlock a Reimagined, Agile BevAlc Supply Chain

Out-of-stocks in the BevAlc industry have become a more common occurrence in recent years. The industry has been plagued with labor and packaging shortages, there is a lack of visibility into retail inventory data across the three tiers of the supply chain, and traditional straight-line forecasting is based primarily on distributor sales to retail from the previous year. None of this works well to support today’s highly unpredictable and fast-changing consumer demands.

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