Chicago Tribune: Malort made from beer released Friday as a creative solution to a serious problem: Kegs expiring due to coronavirus

When a pandemic hands you old beer, you don’t make lemonade. You make Malort.

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From Fintech: Benefits of Distributor Autopay

How transitioning to electronic payments is safer for your workforce and safer for your retailers.

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Financial Times: Americans’ $2bn lockdown booze binge

Sales for drinking at home soar but alcohol companies say they do not offset bar closures.

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New York Times: A Beer Lover’s Nightmare: They’re Dumping Draft Brew

As bars and taprooms close, many craft brewers have too much aging beer on their hands. But others are finding new ways to package and sell it.

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Wall Street Journal: A New Problem Is Brewing in the Beer Industry: One Million Kegs Are Going Stale

The coronavirus pandemic stranded unused beer in stadiums, concert halls, restaurants and bars. Now brewers and distributors facing sizable losses have to figure out what to do with it all.

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