COVID-19: Beer Distributors in Action (Spring 2020)

NBWA and Distributors in the News

Beer distributors play an essential role in moving goods during this crisis. They are working every day to keep America’s supply chain moving, making sure beer – and other products – get to store shelves to meet demand. These community businesses play an essential role in moving goods during this crisis. Local beer distributors are part of the fabric of their communities and are among the first to step up and help their neighbors in times of need. This pandemic is no different.

Beer distributors are working locally and with their state governments to help the community. In Kentucky, for instance, distributors worked with the governor to use their distribution expertise to deliver pallets of hand sanitizer to front line responders in need throughout the state. Distributors are also donating refrigerated trucks to food drives, giving water and other non-alcoholic drinks to first responders and donating money to nonprofit organizations that support bar and restaurant workers and meals to the medical professionals on the frontlines.

Read on to see all the ways that beer distributors are helping their communities.