BREW (Building Relationships & Empowering Women)

BREW (Building Relationships & Empowering Women)

BREW’s Mission:

Attract, connect and elevate women in beer and beverage distribution.

BREW’s Vision Statement:

BREWing a more inclusive beer and beverage distribution industry by tapping into women’s leadership capabilities to accelerate organizational, cultural and economic benefits.

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Group membership is free and open to all interested distributor members. Contact NBWA to join the email list to make sure you don’t miss out on initiative updates and opportunities to get involved!

Are you a supplier or retailer interested in getting involved? The Alliance for Women in Beer’s mission is to unite all three tiers to transform beer to be an exciting industry of choice & opportunity for women.

Upcoming Events

BREW Warehouse

A one-stop-shop for the sharing of best practices, BREW content or member recommendations. Members can submit their content and ideas using a simple fillable form.  Stay tuned for more as we continue to grow the warehouse!