Warehouse Visits

From members of Congress to state legislators, attorneys generals, regulators and the media, beer distributors across the country are hosting warehouse visits to showcase their critical role in the independent distribution system.

To schedule a behind-the scenes look at a beer distribution warehouse in your community, please contact Federal Affairs Assistant Mary Beth Hervig at mbhervig@nbwa.org.

If you are a distributor who has hosted a warehouse visit, please share details of your visit with NBWA by completing the feedback form.


State-by-State Economic Impact

Important Policy Issues

“Six-Pack” of Warehouse Tour Tips for Beer Distributors

  • 1.  Prepare For The Visit

    • Hang a personalized welcome banner for your guest.
    • Do a little spring cleaning to make sure your warehouse is in top form.
    • Notify employees in advance so they can be prepared to talk about what they do.
    • Consider planning a beer tasting to show a wide variety of brands.
    • Do your homework: visit your guest’s website.
  • 2.  Introduce Your Guest to Employees

    • Employees are constituents, too.
    • Employees can talk about their quality jobs and benefits.
    • Be sure to highlight those employees who have been with your company for 10, 15, 20 years and more!
  • 3.  Discuss Your Business & Value

    • Commercial Value – Describe how you help a variety of beer labels get to market and how you help craft brewers grow.
    • Economic Value – Talk about the great jobs you provide and the tax revenue you help generate.
    • Regulatory Value – Talk about your role in state-based alcohol regulation and how you sell products responsibly and only to licensed retailers. Share how the traceability and accountability of the three-tier system helps ensure product safety and helps distributors quickly pull products during a recall.
  • 4.  Talk About Future Visits

  • 5.  Share Details and Photos from the Visit

    • Following a warehouse tour, use NBWA’s online feedback form to relay important information and upload high-resolution photos.
  • 6.  Follow Up with Your Guest

    • Send a personal thank-you note.
    • Thank your guest on social media and tag them in your post.
    • Connect with the guest’s staff regarding outstanding issues or promises.