Six-Pack of Warehouse Visit Tips

1.  Prepare For The Visit

  • Hang a personalized welcome banner for your guest.
  • Do a little spring cleaning to make sure your warehouse is in top form.
  • Notify employees in advance so they can be prepared to talk about what they do.
  • Consider planning a beer tasting to show a wide variety of brands.
  • Do your homework: visit your guest’s website.

2.  Introduce Your Guest to Employees

  • Employees are constituents, too.
  • Employees can talk about their quality jobs and benefits.
  • Be sure to highlight those employees who have been with your company for 10, 15, 20 years and more!

3.  Discuss Your Business

  • Commercial Value – Describe how you help a variety of beer labels get to market and how you help craft brewers grow.
  • Economic Value – Talk about the great jobs you provide and the tax revenue you help generate.
  • Regulatory Value – Talk about your role in state-based alcohol regulation and how you sell products responsibly and only to licensed retailers. Share how the traceability and
    accountability of the three-tier system helps ensure product safety and helps distributors quickly pull products during a recall.

4.  Talk About Future Visits

  • Tell members of Congress when you’ll be in Washington, D.C. Share the dates of NBWA’s Legislative Conference.

5.  Share Details and Photos from the Visit

  • Following a warehouse tour, use NBWA’s online feedback form to relay important information and upload high-resolution photos.

6.  Follow Up with Your Guest

  • Send a personal thank-you note.
  • Thank your guest on social media and tag them in your post.
  • Connect with the guest’s staff regarding outstanding issues or promises.

Please keep NBWA in the loop! For help scheduling a visit or updated legislative briefing materials, contact Federal Affairs Assistant Mary Beth Hervig at