Press Release

New Gallup Poll: Beer Continues to be Americans’ Drink of Choice

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), the leading voice for America’s 3,000 local, independent beer distributors, celebrates the results of the latest Gallup Consumption Habits poll showing that most Americans reach for a cold beer as their alcohol beverage of choice. The poll found that 37% percent of U.S. adults say they drink beer most frequently, compared to 31% for liquor and 29% for wine.

“This data confirms what we already knew to be true: When hardworking Americans wish to enjoy alcohol, they most often choose beer – the drink of moderation and good times spent with family and friends,” said Craig Purser, NBWA President and CEO. “Our nation’s well-regulated independent distribution system ensures that consumers can safely access a nearly limitless variety of products from brewers of all sizes, making it easy for legal-age drinkers to find the perfect beer for them.”

Beer is more than just an essential part of Americans’ social lives. The recently released Beer Serves America study shows that the U.S. beer industry is an economic powerhouse, contributing over $400 billion to our nation’s GDP and fueling 2.4 million jobs. These include nearly 140,000 distributor personnel who source the latest products from breweries across the country to find the best brands for their area, keep shipments fresh in state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities, and make sure they’re safely delivered to over 600,000 neighborhood stores, bars and restaurants.

NBWA offers a wide variety of resources to help its distributor members showcase the beer category’s strength with consumers. These include industry-leading Beer First tools for quantifying the value that beer provides to both on- and off-premise retailers, and its #BeersToThat campaign highlighting the many great reasons to responsibly enjoy your favorite beer.

NBWA will also highlight the latest and greatest in beer innovation at its 86th Annual Convention & Trade Show, taking place Oct. 8-11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The trade show will feature over 180 exhibitors, including 70 beverage suppliers and more than 40 new companies.


The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) represents America’s 3,000 independent beer distributors who service every state, congressional district and media market across the country. Licensed at the federal and state levels, beer distributors get bottles, cans, cases and kegs from a brewer or importer to stores, restaurants and other licensed retail accounts through a transparent and accountable regulatory system. Distributors build brands of all sizes – from familiar domestic beers to new startup labels and imports from around the world – and generate enormous consumer choice while supporting more than 140,000 quality jobs in their home communities. Beer distributors work locally to keep communities safe by sponsoring programs to promote responsible consumption, combat drunk driving and reduce underage drinking.