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NBWA Statement on Constitution Day

Media contact: Erin Donar | | 703-229-3702

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Tomorrow, America’s beer distributors will commemorate Constitution Day, which celebrates the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) President & CEO Craig Purser issued the following statement:

“Tomorrow, America’s beer distributors will raise a glass to our nation’s Constitution and celebrate the unique role beer has played in our nation’s history.

Alcohol is the only product that can claim two Constitutional amendments. The 18th Amendment prohibited the sale, manufacture, and transportation of all alcohol in America. Thirteen years later, the 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition and gave birth to our modern-day alcohol marketplace, specifically giving states the freedom to create alcohol laws that best fit the needs of their citizens.

This deeply American approach to alcohol regulation has proven to be the most effective in the world, protecting consumers and providing them with unparalleled choice and variety. In fact, a Center for Alcohol Policy public opinion survey shows that 83 percent of Americans support this state-based system.

While it has evolved and improved over the years, America’s framework of state-led alcohol regulation has stood the test of the time to the benefit of Americans – much like our Constitution. And to that we say cheers!”

The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) represents America’s 3,000 independent beer distributors with operations in every state, congressional district and media market across the country. Licensed at the federal and state levels, beer distributors get bottles, cans, cases and kegs from a brewer or importer to stores, restaurants and other licensed retail accounts through a transparent and accountable regulatory system. Distributors build brands of all sizes — from familiar domestic beers to new startup labels and imports from around the world – and generate enormous consumer choice while supporting more than 140,000 quality jobs in their home communities. Beer distributors work locally to keep communities safe by sponsoring programs to promote responsible consumption, combat drunk driving and work to eliminate underage drinking.