NBWA Action Spurs TTB Grace Period for Compliance Paperwork

For many months NBWA has been urging the TTB to work with wholesalers that have been trying to bring their permit paperwork into compliance with the requirements under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAAA).

NBWA is very pleased to share that TTB has announced a special, limited exception to allow wholesalers and importers the opportunity to address paperwork compliance issues. It is critical that wholesalers comply by the end of the year.

To provide wholesalers with important information and directions, the TTB issued an Industry Circular addressing industry concerns. The temporary program will expire December 31, 2019, and enables all wholesalers to bring their permit paperwork up to date for ownership or control issues.

NBWA welcomes this news and the fact that the TTB has made additional resources available on their telephone help line and their email service to help process this paperwork backlog. You can contact TTB at the National Revenue Center at 877-882-3277 or by email at Additionally, you are always welcome to contact NBWA for additional assistance.

NBWA is working with the TTB to host a webinar in the coming weeks that will enable distributors to further resolve any TTB permit questions.