Beer Distributors Join with Sierra Nevada to Aid Wildfire Victims

In November of 2018, Northern California experienced the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history and one of the worst in the U.S. The wildfire, known as the Camp Fire, spread 153,336 acres, destroyed 18,804 structures, including 13,000 homes, and caused at least 85 civilian casualties and countless injuries.

California-based brewery Sierra Nevada quickly responded by creating a new beer, Resilience IPA, to benefit victims and help the region rebuild. The brewery is donating 100 percent of the Resilience IPA profits to Camp Fire relief funds.

It didn’t take long for the close-knit beer industry to come together to join Sierra Nevada in helping with the relief efforts. Beer distributors from around the country, including a number of NBWA members, sprang into action offering to distribute Resilience IPA. Each of these distributors selflessly agreed to donate every dollar they received to benefit people that they have never met, embodying the true spirit of the beer community.

The Independent Beer Distributors Relief Fund (IBDRF), based in Texas, also donated $25,000 to the Sierra Nevada Brewery Relief Fund for Camp Fire. The contribution was made in honor of the beer distribution companies that had employees affected by the devastating fire.

We’d like to raise a glass to all of the NBWA members from coast to coast that have contributed to the Camp Fire relief fund or have agreed to distribute Resilience IPA. We’d like to thank the following companies that have paid their pledges:

  • AALCO Distributing Company
  • Ace Beverage Fine Wines and Spirits
  • Bay Area Distributing Company
  • Bayside Distributing Inc.
  • Burke Beverage, Inc.
  • Craft Brewers Guild
  • DelReka Distributing
  • Delta Sierra Beverage
  • G&G Beverage Distributors, Inc.
  • Hartford Distributors Inc.
  • Hayden Beverage Company
  • Hensley Beverage Company
  • Kozol Brothers Inc.
  • Markstein Beverage Co.
  • Mount Shasta Bottling & Distributing Company
  • Nittany Beverage
  • Origlio Beverage
  • Peerless Beverage Company
  • Silver Eagle Distributors
  • Summit Distributing
  • Town & Country Distributors
  • Valley Wide Beverage Company
  • WA Thompson Distributing

Thank you to each of these members for their incredible dedication to the industry and the country. If your company is not listed here and you believe it should be, please check with Sierra Nevada to verify that your pledges have been received.