Become a Next Generation Group Member

NBWA’s Next Generation Group brings together future leaders in the beer distribution industry. The group focuses on learning more about the beer business, getting more involved with the association and networking with other distributors from all areas of the country representing all brands.

How To Join

If you are a next generation leader in your business, please join the NBWA Next Generation Group. All NBWA distributor members are eligible to become members of the Next Generation Group.

To join, please contact NBWA’s Manager of Member Programs and Meetings Jenna Sugg at Once added to the group, members will receive next generation newsletters, member communications and information about upcoming events.


Each year, the Next Generation Success in Leadership Conference is offered exclusively to Next Generation Group members to enhance their leadership skills and expand their knowledge of the beer distribution industry and NBWA. Additional networking and social opportunities are offered to the Next Generation Group during NBWA’s Annual Convention and Annual Legislative Conference.