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 The Beer Industry Electronic Commerce Coalition (BIECC), managed by NBWA and established in 1994, is a working group that strives to maximize the beer industry’s role and common interest pertaining to the implementation and utilization of electronic commerce within the three-tier system.

In carrying out its mission, the BIECC objectives are to:

1. Encourage the utilization of state-of-the-art applications.

2. Enhance the value of the three-tier system.

3. Educate the brewer and the distribution tiers on electronic data interchange (EDI).

4. Represent the beer industry's interests to selected electronic commerce committees.

5. Monitor electronic commerce developments that impact the beer industry.

Additionally, there are four areas in which the BIECC is concentrating to advance electronic commerce:

1. Education: Inform suppliers, distributors and retailers about relevant electronic commerce related issues.

2. Standards: Work to enhance existing industry standards and promote standard business transactions.

3. Regulatory: Ensure that state and federal laws are upheld and that the playing field is level.

4. Research: Investigate and review emerging technology for use in the beverage industry.

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